Writing tip: Develop your own voice

According to Peter Elbow, “Your voice is damped out by all the interruptions, changes, and hesitations between the consciousness and the page. In your natural way of producing words there is a sound, a texture, a rhythm - a voice - which is the main source of power in your writing…” We all have a... Continue Reading →

The man on the train

 Rain drops plopped onto my clothes by the time I got onto the train. Annoyed, I scraped my hair out of my face with my fingers – the wind kept blowing it forward. I walked over to my usual spot at the centre of the train and sank down on a seat. I took a... Continue Reading →

Writing prompt #6

You find a newspaper article about a group of people who went missing off the coast of Mozambique, and it’s suspected that they were swept away by an ocean current. Something about the story doesn’t ring true. You’re determined to find out what really happened. Maybe they were kidnapped for a perverse experiment on an... Continue Reading →


Remember, just because a piece of writing came easily doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Often it’s the exact opposite – those difficult scenes where you force out one word after another, type two sentences then delete three, pause after every paragraph because you have no idea what to write next… are the ones that’ll blow your... Continue Reading →

One-eyed Old Man

He comes through the night A one-eyed old man Cloaked in blue, regal of stature The hooded one whispers To those who listen carefully He lights the spark of inspiration Kindles the fire of creativity Listen, child, to what he has to tell For he has wisdom no mortal Can ever comprehend Can you feel... Continue Reading →

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