Writing prompt #3

'Sometimes, you wish life could come with an 'undo' button. So you could just quickly and painlessly erase the last few minutes. But unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.'

Behind the Mask: A sneak peek

Here's a short film I made for the novel I'm currently working on. If all goes well, Behind the Mask should be published sometime in 2021, or the year after. All the clips were shot and edited by myself. I removed the audio to avoid copyright issues, but the original background music was Hunter from... Continue Reading →

Writing prompt #2: Sci-fi

'A company sells highly addictive digital devices that have to be replaced (for quite a sum) after every 100 times of charging. These so-called "black mirrors" change the behaviour of the human race enough to become a crisis. Only a small group who is unaffected by the "black mirrors", has to find a solution.'

The Tale of the Quetzels

The hands of the old clock stood on nine thirty when Erica went to sit down on her bed beside Carolyn. They were both quiet for a few seconds. Then Erica looked up at her older cousin. “Um…Carolyn? I told you earlier that there is something I want to talk about.” Carolyn nodded. “Go ahead.”... Continue Reading →


No one knew he was a poet; he didn’t boast about it like many others but kept it to himself as a secret, a key to the inner self Sometimes it wasn’t until midnight that he got to settle with his worn journal surrendering to the voice kept inside so long, writing down all he... Continue Reading →


'The gun shots were getting louder. Distant shouting became audible. My stomach turned at the idea of what lay ahead. “The time is drawing near.” Kevin nodded. “Yup.” Dead grass crunched beneath our boots. “Did you say goodbye to Emily this morning?” I asked. “Yes, I did.” “Want to talk about it?” He shook his... Continue Reading →

Writing prompt #1

'What if you could see into the future with a single touch? And know what'll happen to the other person, and yourself? Would you want to know what the future holds, no matter how terrifying?'


My hunger stretches further than the snow coldness of tremolo picking, the thunderous roar of the chords; flesh attacking strings like warriors I thirst for the feeling of standing upon a mountain top in a storm, pelting rain like tapping notes thunder like the loudest bass spiralling winds sweep-picking my face Pouring all of my... Continue Reading →

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